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Founded in 2015, Blonde Sheep Licensing is a boutique international licensing consultancy and agency.  We work with brands and manufacturers to increase their revenue through strategic licensing partnerships.


Whether you are new to licensing, or just want to grow your licensed business, we can help you.  For brands, we launch new licensing programmes, expand existing licensing programmes, or compliment your existing team to license certain categories. For manufacturers, we secure the right brands for your products, on a one off or ongoing basis.



Committed to brand development, we offer our clients a personal service and all projects are handled by senior executives ensuring clients have access to the best skills, expertise, and contacts. We have a 360 degree approach to licensing and target both retailers and manufacturers alike.

We have a flexible approach so are able to really focus on client’s needs and goals, whether that be long term or short term. We offer a full service agency programme or consultancy for set projects.

Experienced at working across multiple product categories, targeting different age groups and different retail tiers. We have excellent contacts throughout the world of retail and licensing both in the UK and internationally.

Please get in touch for your personalised quote.

About our Name

If you are wondering where our name comes from, our team are animal lovers, wanted an animal for the company logo, and a memorable company name. Amongst other things, Wales is famous for having more sheep than people. As our founder is blonde and Welsh

these attributes inspired the company name.

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